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Now IS the time!

We are looking for franchise owners and offer exclusive territories. REGISTER TODAY for a report on Reasons to Invest, Franchise Ownership, Ownership Opportunities, or a What’s Next Guide for Chiropractic Students.

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Franchising Is The Solution

Since HealthSource began franchising in 2006, it has exploded to nearly 350 franchises in 43 states and continues to receive accolades year after year.

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Investors Welcome

For the first time, HealthSource is opening its franchise opportunities to non-chiropractors.  From sports and health professionals to investors, HealthSource may be your best investment choice.

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The Right Choice

Wellness is the hottest buzzword in the industry, and becoming more important with each year into our new healthcare system.  HealthSource is poised to make a difference with brand recognition across North America.

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HealthSource is expanding rapidly and we are looking for the right partners in each city in the United States and will be offering exclusive territories. 

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Chiropractic Students

From Launch U, our exclusive HealthSource educational academy, to helping you find and setup your own office, HealthSource could be YOUR right step to practice ownership and success.  

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Sports Professionals

Imagine the people you could help now, and provide for a legacy future for yourself and your family! THERE IS NO SALARY CAP!  

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Health Professionals

Are you able to take care of and treat patients the way YOU know they need? And, are you getting paid what your worth? With HealthSource, you don’t have to fear “alternative” care anymore.  

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Private Investors

You want to keep challenged and build a “Bridge” for Retirement. A HealthSource Franchise Investment may be that perfect Bridge.  

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Investment Groups

HealthSource goes beyond the typical franchise investment. Besides being a great opportunity, its also an avenue to help others. THOUSANDS OF OTHERS!  

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The Frisbee Update

Let’s talk frisbees for a moment. The Frisbee slowly kept ascending into the sky, higher and higher while traveling deeper into my backyard. My German Shepherd, Star, all 115 pounds of

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The Ultimate Practice Adjustment

tomshackAuthor: Chris Tomashack
In The Ultimate Practice Adjustment, Tomshack shares the secrets to success he’s had with HealthSource Chiropractic, including how he removed himself from day-to-day clinical duties. He describes specific actions chiropractors can take to keep patients pouring into their clinics, transforming their practice with a few simple – but monumental – changes. Today’s successful practice requires both excellence and efficiency, with patients demanding the very best care. And rightly so, When doctors spend their energy doing what’s best for their patients – while keeping their own lives in balance — everyone wins.

About Us

We serve thousands of patients each and every day and our basic philosphy is to ask ourselves, “What’s best for our patients?”

Dr. Chris Tomshack / Founder and CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic

What You Have Been Looking For

We have many levels of opportunity including: existing offices for sale, associate doctor positions, full state-wide territories for rapid expansion, and even investment money and placement opportunities for the right chiropractic doctors and entrepreneurs.

REGISTER TODAY for a report on Reasons to Invest, Franchise Ownership, Opportunities in 2015, or a What's Next Guide for Chiropractic Students.

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